Over the coming months, major browser manufacturers have announced that they will be making changes to their products which may have an impact in how your stations stream in Radioplayer's web players.

Deprecation of Flash in Chrome

Google has announced that as of Chrome 55, Flash will no longer be supported. Users wanting to use flash will have to manually enable it on a site-by-site basis. Luckily, if you have migrated to the v3.1 console, you will benefit from advances to the HTML5 audio engine, which is our fallback method of playing audio streams when Flash isn't available. The console will automatically failover to HTML5 audio if Flash doesn't exist or won't start. Alternatively you can configure the console to try HTML5 audio first. You can find out more about this on Page 7 of the 3.1 User Guide.

Things to watch out for:

  • Not all streams play in HTML5 [more info]. Make sure you've tested your console to ensure your audio stream is compatible. Turn off Flash in your Chrome settings, then open the console as normal and see if it plays.
    • Developers tip: If you're feeling brave, download the Chrome 55 beta instead of editing your main Chrome settings. Did you know you can append ?debug=true to the console URL to see additional information output to the JavaScript console. This will show you which method of audio playback has been attempted.
  • FLV-encapsulated AAC streams should be listed as "AAC/MP4 for Flash". But these will only play in Flash so you need to add an Alternative/Fallback stream and use an un-encapsulated stream and select its content type as "AAC for HTML5"
  • If you use VPAID ads, you need to convert them to VAST2 HTML5 ads otherwise they won't play. We don't believe, from our testing, that a non-playing VPAID ad will hang the console but it's better to prevent than to cure.

Safari on MacOS Sierra restricts or sandboxes Shoutcast & Icecast streams

Safari on the new version of MacOS (Sierra) has added a security feature to restrict HTTP/0.9 over certain ports. Unfortunately Shoutcast uses HTTP/0.9 and runs on non-standard ports. This means that Safari will start 'sandboxing' the resource - the impact being that a stream won't play.

This is not a fault of the Radioplayer web console and so it's something we can't work around.

UPDATE: This appears to be accepted as a bug in Safari which Apple is aware of. It also seems to affect Icecast. It may be possible to ask your streaming provider to reconfigure your Shoutcast server to use port 80 but our advice at the moment is to sit tight, wait until it is fixed, and ensure listeners are invited to use Chrome instead. Our operations team are actively pursuing this bug with the Webkit team, on your behalf. You can track the bug here https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=164329