As part of being a member of Radioplayer, we make it easy for your station to be discoverable in hybrid radio devices, such as in car. We do this two ways. Firstly we work closely with car companies and manufacturers of hybrid radio equipment by helping them with metadata and with refining the user experience for listeners using those devices. Secondly we support open standards such as RadioDNS and OMRI.

Our RadioDNS support provides the ability for your station to be part of RadioDNS with no effort from you. It just works. We share your station name, and logos plus technical broadcast data (called bearers which we source externally) and RadioDNS makes this available to devices when they are tuned to your station.

Opting in

We automatically opt all new stations in, which means there's nothing for you to do. It just works. RadioDNS supports a number of services beyond those which we provide and if you have ambitions to do more, then we recommend you do so. But you'll need to opt out of our service and asking the RadioDNS team to point to yours.

Opting out

We don't recommend opting out if you have no alternative RadioDNS service as it makes it hard for radio listeners to find your broadcasts on hybrid radios. However if you are building your own RadioDNS services then we will need to take you out of our service. To do this, open a support ticket using the links on the right and state the RPID of the station(s) to remove. Once we've completed the task, please get in touch with the RadioDNS team who will take you through the next steps