Here at Radioplayer we have a few simple rules to make sure every station gets the most out of their membership with us. These rules, alongside the Fair Play rules and our terms and conditions make up the full set of obligations we ask of you. We may vary these at any time. If we do, we'll take reasonable steps to tell you about this, in our newsletters.

The Web Player
Radioplayer is much more than an app in the App Store - it's a whole radio aggregation ecosystem. At the heart of it is the Radioplayer web player. Use of the web player is mandatory - we can't put a station live on the platform unless you have generated and hosted a Radioplayer web player. You should make our player your primary player, linked to from your homepage. We don't forbid stations from using other players but the Radioplayer web player must be the first one people see.

We have some rules about how you can customise and style the web player - some do's and don'ts. We don't want to stifle your creativity and we encourage you to populate your player with engaging contenf if you're able. But keep an eye on our style guidelines.

The Apps
Contrary to popular belief, it's not mandatory to list your station in the apps. If you do wish to, you'll need to ensure you've got a low bitrate 48k stream. We use this as a standby because mobile network speeds can vary - particularly when the user is in motion (driving to work, commuting by train) and this ensures an uninterrupted listening experience for those people. You can also provide a higher quality stream but the 48k is mandatory. We do test all streams manually so if we're given a high bitrate stream and told it's low bitrate 48k stream, it won't pass our testing process.

Voice platforms
We firmly believe radio belongs on voice platforms and we work hard with the major platforms (Alexa etc) to ensure stations work properly. A lot of this is a manual process which means for new stations joining Radioplayer, it can take up to three months before they're added to these platforms. We use your highest quality stream.

Stream quality and reliability
We encourage all stations to provide a 48k low bitrate stream (aac works best) and a high bitrate stream (at least 128k mp3) too. We know that internet streaming isn't always reliable but we monitor your mobile streams (not the web player) to spot issues. If your stream is down for 10 days, we'll assume the problem is more than a glitch. We'll take you out of the apps and drop you a line with some advice.

Stations are responsible for the upkeep of their streams - this isn't something we are able to get involved in. However we do have a knowledgeable team and if you just need a bit of advice please do ask.

Spot checks
To ensure the radio listening experience is consistent and reliable for your listeners, we conduct spot checks from time to time to ensure that your web player is working, your streams are up and our policies are being adhered to. This is not done to a schedule - it's as and when, or if we've received a listener bug report. If any outcomes affect your station, we will reach out to the point contact on the account.

Account terms
Your Radioplayer membership auto-renews each year and we'll send you an invoice for the amount. We're grateful for timely remittance - remember every penny you pay goes straight back into the products. If ever you find you need to end your Radioplayer membership, please tell us before the anniversary. Accounts need to be in good standing before a cancellation can be processed. However hopefully we can persuade you to stay!

Please ensure we have up-to-date contact details. We need a primary day-to-day contact and optionally a billing contact if it's not the same person. If we aren't able to reach you or if payment is quite late, we might have to put the account on hold.

Annual fees and additional charges
We review our annual fees once a year. The amount you are charged is based on your average weekly reach published by RAJAR or your self-certified weekly reach. Some of our services may attract additional charges such as for out-of-hours support, account restoration, community opt-out, and some of our console hosting services. A Tariff of Additional Charges is available on request. All fees attract VAT at the then-current rate.

Staying informed
We're always looking for new ways to reach new audiences and we'd like to be able to tell you about it. When you join Radioplayer, the contacts listed will be added to our occasional Newsletter. You are of course entitled under GDPR to opt-out, and if you do, please keep an eye out on our socials for announcements.