Radioplayer is always working to find new ways of making it easy for you to send us Now Playing information. If you have your own developers, then you might have come up with ways to extract this information from your playout system. However if you use Myriad from Broadcast Radio then their platform supports posting metadata to Radioplayer.

Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Request an Ingest account from Radioplayer

To begin, you need Radioplayer to create an Ingest user account for you. This is not the same as your login details for My Radioplayer.

To request an Ingest account, follow the links on the right of this page to send us a support request. If you know your station RPUID (Radioplayer User ID), then it would be useful to provide this when you contact us. But don't worry if it's not hand - we can find it.

The RPUID is composed of a three-digit ISO Country Code and the rpId (Radioplayer ID). You will need the rpId below which is obtained from the RPUID by removing the Country Code (826 for the UK) e.g. RPUID 826123, rpId is 123.

Step 2: Configure Myriad

There is a simple process involved in configuring Myriad. And Broadcast Radio will be able to provide you with support at this stage if required.

An example set-up is shown below for sending Now Playing (NP) metadata. You will need to know:

  • Username
  • API Key
  • rpId

Please see above for how to get the rpId from the RPUID.

And it is possible to manually test your settings using the Radioplayer Classic style endpoint as follows:

curl -u yourusername:yourpassword -v -X POST ""

Using the above, if you set a test song of 1s duration and to start with the current date/time then it won't appear in your web console but this will at least check that your credentials are correct.

Step 3: Start sending data and verify

Once you've configured your playout system, you can start sending us data. The easiest way to check it's working is to open your console and see whether the ticker shows the incoming data. Please note - if you have manually edited your console HTML, ensure that the NowPlayingSource is set as follows:

var nowPlayingSource = 'default';


If this appears not to work, it's possible that the metadata posting is failing silently. Open a support ticket and let us help you diagnose this.