Often broadcasters have to make significant changes to their services. Sometimes this takes the form of re-branding a station, sometimes multiple stations are merged into one and sometimes a broadcaster may launch a new station. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how such changes might affect your Radioplayer account.

Adding new services

Radioplayer welcomes broadcasters who wish to launch new services on Radioplayer. If you're an existing broadcaster, you can launch as many new broadcast radio services as you wish. Each service will need to be covered by a valid Ofcom licence and once you've got that, you'll need to purchase a Radioplayer licence to use the console for that service. Existing broadcasters are also entitled to launch a limited number of online-only services on Radioplayer.

When you're planning to launch a new service, please contact us via the usual support contacts as early on as possible. We'll need to know the name of the new station, its Ofcom licence number and the live date. Once we've got that, we'll set up the new station in your account. Please note: You will need to generate a new console. It's not permitted under our rules, to re-use the same console for more than one service. Aside from the rules, it'll confuse your users as it breaks Favourites and Last Station History. It'll also confuse you, as it'll break the stats.

We'll then help you through the usual onboarding process - generating a new console and creating its station profile. If you're using a third-party for either metadata and/or building your console, then please let us know and we'll be happy to work directly with them. Once the live date comes, we'll put the station live and make sure everything's working. As a rule we only put stations live during our regular business hours. Go-live's outside business hours may not always be available, are offered on a case-by-case basis and may incur a fee.

By default, all new stations are licensed for a year and will automatically renew - so if you plan on the service being on air for shorter than this eg. you're running a pop-up station or a DAB trial, please ensure we know.

Changing services

From time-to-time it's necessary to make changes to your services on Radioplayer. Here's a few scenarios - if yours is different, drop us a line and we'll be very happy to accommodate your wishes. Talk to us early so that we can better plan our resources to be of service to you.

Merging multiple services into one - when this happens, we'll ask you to tell us which service will be the master service and which services are being discontinued. If the master service is re-branding, you'll need to generate a new console. On switch-over day, we will switch off the old consoles, or if you'd rather, set up a short-term redirect to the new master service.

Splitting out a service into multiples - this happens when a service decides to make regional opt-outs/variations available. You'll need new consoles for each of the new stations and we'll help you license and create those.

Rebranding a station - if your station is rebranding and the exercise is quite simple such as a new design style, a new font or a new logo, there are two things you need to do. First, login to the Station Control Panel and generate a new console with your new assets. You'll get a new zip file which you can download, extract and upload to your website's Radioplayer folder, overwriting the files already there.

Then, log back in to the Station Control Panel, hit Edit Station Profile and update the Images tab in your station profile. If you're planning something bigger involving a new station name, as well as generating a new console, you'll need to update your station profile with the new name, new mobile logos and new description. Usually we approve changes within a few business hours and they go live immediately after that but if you wish for changes to go live at a particular time, please open a support ticket in advance.

Remember, also, that if you send us metadata by ingest (FTP or HTTP) you will additionally need to submit a new SI file which also has the updated naming, description and visual assets since metadata submitted via ingest has a higher priority to that stored within your Station Control Panel profile.

Removing services

Occasionally we realise that you may need to remove services from Radioplayer due to closure or Ofcom licence expiry. Doing so is quite straightforward - just open a support ticket and we will remove the service. If you only have one service on Radioplayer, and its removal will mean you'll leave us, we'll be sorry to say goodbye. Please remember to write to formally cancel your account. It's in our t&c's and you can either put something in the post or open a support ticket. If you're thinking of removing services for any other reason aside from station closure, we'd really like to have a chat with you first. Open a support ticket, mark it important and our Operations Manager will give you a ring to talk through your options.

Something else

Sometimes broadcasters need a combination of all of the above. Our team is expert at station-change exercises, both large and small, so whatever you're planning, please get Radioplayer involved as soon as you're able, and it will be our pleasure to help you make your transitions seamless.