If you've just made changes to your station profile using My Radioplayer, you may be wondering why your changes aren't available immediately.

There are a few reasons:

  • Firstly, if you are new to Radioplayer, you may not be live on the platform yet. You'll need to complete our four-step joining process. However every change you submit, is being saved so that when you do go live, your metadata will be ready.

  • We check each request for changes manually to ensure that things like streams and console URLs work, that descriptions and metadata are all present and correct. Changes are only approved during standard office hours and there may be further delays due to staff availability. Allow 3 working days before contacting us.

  • The changes have been unsuccessful - usually you would receive a 'decline' notification which explains why. Check your spam. It's better to contact us (see details to the right) than to resubmit.

  • Multiple changes in the queue - if you've submitted a large number of change requests, we have to do additional checks to ensure the differences between each of the requests doesn't cause conflicts. It's best to collate all the information you need for a change request, and submit one request, than it is to submit multiple requests. Please submit requests at most one change every six hours.

Do you also send metadata by XML?

If you FTP/HTTP post your metadata to us via XML (or use a company to do this on your behalf) then its worth remembering that where you have a field in the metadata, its value will supersede the value in My Radioplayer.

So, suppose you've got an SI file which lists your station name, logos and mobile streams. If you then go into My Radioplayer and update, say, the mobile streams then you won't see any changes. Why? Because they need to be updated in the XML file since those XML files become the authoritative source of metadata for your station.

We only dip into your station profile when there are gaps (missing fields) in the XML.