Radioplayer supports a variety of different stream types on our various platforms.

Web-based player

When playing in HTML5, the browser player supports:

  • MP3 - including Shoutcast / Icecast and listen-again / podcast content
  • AAC - as above

When playing in HTTP, the browser player supports: 

  • HLS
  • MPEG-DASH - these streams support live rewind and seeking

There is no minimum or maximum bitrate for browser-based playback.


Radioplayer recommends: 160kbps MP3 as the most versatile and compatible with multiple devices

Mobile Apps and Smart Devices

We require stations to provide a stream of under 48kbps, MP3 or AAC for inclusion in theRadioplayer app. In addition, stations can supply a high-bitrate stream for WiFi users and for listeners using smart speakers and other similarly capable connected devices.

The app supports:

  • Shoutcast / Icecast MP3
  • AAC delivered by HTTP
  • HLS

We accept the following playlist formats:

  • PLS, M3U8 including recursive playlists

The maximum bitrate for the "low bitrate" compulsory stream is 48kbps.


Radioplayer recommends: 48k AAC for the low bitrate stream and 160k mp3 for the high bitrate stream (this could involve re-using the web console stream)

Testing your stream

When you submit a stream to us, we'll test it to make sure it complies with our guidelines. It's also useful for you to test the stream before submitting to make sure you're happy it works. For further details on how to do this, check this article here.