Radioplayer offers a service which will take away the need for you to host the Radioplayer console on your site. Instead, we will host it on your behalf. This page will give you some basic information about how to use the service.

The basics

The service covers hosting of the console but not the streams - you'll still need a streaming company for that. We provide you with access to a special version of the console generator which allows you to build and preview a console - and if you like it, you can publish it to the public.

How to subscribe

This service is an opt-in service and pricing varies depending on which band your station is in. To subscribe, contact station support (using the links on the right) and we'll give you the costs and set you up.


The pricing for this service depends on your OFCOM licence type and Radioplayer fee band. Annual pricing starts at £45+VAT per station. Recognised community stations may qualify for a discount. You will be charged a pro-rated fee for your first year of use from the period of joining until the end of March. In April each year you will be invoiced for the full year ahead.

How to use the service

If you're familiar with the regular console generator, then the good news is that this service is very similar. (If you're not familiar with the console generator or you'd like a refresher, stop for a moment and have a quick read of this guide).

Once you have been enabled for console hosting, you can login to the Station Control Panel and click the 'Generate Console' link. You can then proceed to upload logos, choose colours and specify streams as your normally would. Keep a list of your stream URLs and a copy of all your logos, content (plug-in) space image and colour codes somewhere safe. If you need to edit the console again in the future, you'll need these.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a new button which lets you generate a preview. Click that and when the page loads, there will be a link for you to see what the console will look like. Turn off your popup blocker and click the link. The audio should play, unless perhaps you're using a playlist in which case, you'll need to set up a crossdomain.xml file.

If you're happy with how it looks, you'll be shown a Publish button which puts the console live. If you're not happy with the look, and want to continue tweaking - please do. Edit the console generator form as you wish and click the preview button at the bottom of the page again. You always have to preview before you publish.

What happens once I've hit publish?

Once you've hit the publish button, you'll be able to see the console at the URL shown. If you use a Radioplayer listen live button from the Button Generator, then the good news is that this will update to the new console URL automatically. If you have your own listen live button or link on the website, then make a note of the URL shown and update your website accordingly (otherwise all your listen links will point to the old console)

How to make changes

You can make changes to your hosted console at any time so if you need to change logos or streams, you can just click "Generate console" after logging in to the Station Control Panel and go through the steps again. Please note, our hosted console generator can't remember the last values that you gave it so make sure you've got your stream URLs and logos to hand. You can then run through the console generator again, clicking 'Preview' at the bottom of the page to see how your changes are going to look.

When you preview your changes, you'll see them immediate but when you hit Publish, you might find that those changes aren't instantly available to the public. This is because we cache your live console for performance. Usually the changes are nearly instant but at times you might have up to four hours to wait. If you're still seeing an old console, after that time, and you're sure you hit 'Publish' after previewing changes, then drop us a line.

Can I make other customisations?

The only customisations you can make are: station logo, static image for the content (plugin) space, console background colour and your streams. If you need to make other changes such as having a dynamic content (plugin) space, then the hosted service probably isn't for you.

How to cancel

If you've decided to switch to hosting the web player yourself, you are able to do so at any time. Open a support ticket and ask to have your Hosted Console Service switched off. Unfortunately fees are not refundable.

Where can I get further help?

You can contact Radioplayer Station Support at any time using the details on the right - get in touch. We're keen to help you.