Stream Types

The Radioplayer web player supports standard HTML5 audio playback, as well as HTTP streaming using HLS and MPEG-DASH. It handles fallback between streams, enabling the best streams to be served to each browser. 

Supported formats

HTML5 audio

- MP3, including Shoutcast/ Icecast and on-demand/podcast content

- AAC, as above

HTTP streaming


- MPEG-DASH - these streams support live rewind and seeking

Stream fallback

The player allows several streams to be listed, which will be attempted in turn until one is playable. If an MPEG-DASH stream is available and supported, then that will be attempted first. Next, any HLS stream will be attempted, if supported. Other streams are then attempted in order that they are listed in the station control panel. 

If no playable streams are found, the player will retry several times before failing.