Web Player Monetisation

The web player supports pre-roll and mid-roll video ads, plus display ads, including companion ads synchronised to audio and video. 

Configuring ads

To enable advertising you must configure the settings in the station control panel. 

SLM advertising providers settings

From the list, you can configure the ad providers you use. 


The VAST ad provider supports VAST 2, 3 and 4 and VPAID video and companion ads. It does not support non-linear ads - any non-linear ads are ignored. 

You configure the tag URL in the station control panel and the player will load it at runtime. 

The player will play pre-roll and mid-roll ad videos at times specific by the tag, pausing the audio stream while it plays. Transport control are also disabled while the video ad plays. 

Companion ads and backfill inventory are displayed in the slot in the widget space, which requires the units to be 300x250 sized. 

These ads are also sent to any embedded iframe, meaning they can be displayed there if needed.


The Google Publisher Tag (GPT) ad provider allows you to display banner ads from Google Ad Manager. These ads are displayed in the widget ad space. 


The AdsWizz provider allows you to decorate your AdsWizz stream URLs with listener IDs and display the companion ads alongside the audio stream. 

If you have enabled AdsWizz, you will need to provide the stream URL in the station control panel. The AdsWizz provider will then handle obtaining the listener ID from AdsWizz and will decorate the stream URL for you. 

Radioplayer does not support in-stream ICY metadata, as this is not supported in modern browsers. 


The Triton ad provider supports the display of companion ads delivered via a sideband metadata connection. It does not use the Triton discovery API, so you will need to specify the stream URLs in the station control panel and the metadata URL in the ad settings. 

If Triton is enabled, then the stream URL will be decorated with a metadata ID and request for 300x250 companion ads. The companion ads are displayed synchronised with the audio stream.