What's new in the web player v4.0?

  • New design
  • Widgets
  • Stream fallback
  • HLS, MPEG-DASH & audio playback support
  • Improved monetisation options

Radioplayer has launched the latest version of our web console and we've added some exciting new elements! 

All the key features remain - you can favourite, search and browser through the menu just like before.

New Design

The new web player consists of up to 3 panels. Compared to the previous single panel display, this new design allows your station information to be more clearly displayed. 

The panels, or 'widgets', display Now Playing information, Programme information and On Demand content respectively. 

You also have the option of a single panel with a static image or an Iframe panel. 

The new web console's standard size is 960 pixels wide by 700 pixels high. 


The V4 web player can display up to 3 dynamic panels of content (known as widgets) to display your station and programme information. 

The three widget types are: 

  • 'Now playing' widget
  • 'Schedule' widget
  • 'On demand' widget

For more information about the new widgets, please see our support article: Web Player Widgets

Stream Fallback

The player allows several streams to be listed, which will be attempted in turn until one is playable. If an MPEG-DASH stream is available and supported, then that will be attempted first. Next, any HLS stream will be attempted, if supported. Other streams are then attempted in the order that they are listed in the station control panel. If no playable streams are found, the player will fallback on the stream specified when generating the console. The player will retry several times before failing. 

For more information about streams, please see our support article: Stream Types and Supported Formats

HLS, MPEG-DASH & Audio Playback

The Radioplayer web player supports standard HTML5 audio playback, as well as HTTP streaming using HLS and MPEG-DASH. It handles fallback between streams, enabling the best streams to be served to each browser.  

For more information about streams, please see our support article: Stream Types and Supported Formats


The web player supports pre-roll and mid-roll video ads, plus display ads, including companion ads synchronised to audio and video.  More advertising providers are now supported and can be configured in the station control panel.

For more information about monetising your web player, please see our support article: Web Player Monetisation