How to Generate a New V4 Web Player

Log in to the Station Control Panel and you'll see a list of stations you manage. 

There is a generate web console link next to each station in the list. Clicking on this link will bring up the console generator. 

For smaller stations, Radioplayer can offer a service to host your console on our servers. The preference is always that you should do it yourself, but if you do not have the infrastructure to do this, please see our support page for more information: Hosted player service.

Remember! You need to specify your web stream in your station profile before generating your console. You can do this by selecting the 'Update Station Profile' link next to the station in the station list.

First, you need to have a look over your station logo. This logo will be sourced from your station profile if you have already uploaded a 86x48 image, but you can replace it with another image if you choose. 

You are also asked to provide the URL of the web page you wish to link to via your station logo. 

So that users can see the transport controls on your chosen background, you need to choose an appropriate theme. Select from the available options to state whether you want a dark theme or a light theme. 

We check to make sure the chosen colour theme adequately contrasts with the custom colour. Please make the appropriate adjustments to the theme/ custom colour if the colour contrast is not approved. 

Based on your selected colour theme and your station logo, you will see a preview of your web player control bar. Your selected logo will appear on the left. 

Content Space Options

You have three options for your web player's content space: 

  • Widget Option
  • Windowed Option (IFRAME)
  • Image Option

The widget option displays up to 3 dynamic panels of content to display your station and programme information. 

The windowed option shows a webpage in an Iframe to display your own specified content. If you have previously hosted an Iframe content panel for your previous web player, you can continue to show it using this option. 

The image option allows you to upload a static image with a clickable link that listeners can follow. This is the simplest option and should be used if your station is not sending any programme or now playing information and does not provide any on-demand content.

Select whichever content space option suits your station, and follow the corresponding steps. 

Widget option

The widget space is the area between the player controls and the navigation bar, and can display up to 3 widgets. These are provided by the player and retrieve the data you station is sending us. For more information regarding the widgets, please see our support article: Web Player Widgets

You may choose any combination of widgets to suit the data provided by your station. Please ensure that you are providing the appropriate data before selecting your widgets. Our systems will check to make sure that your station is providing the appropriate data for each widget selected. Using a widget that does not suit the data your station is providing will result in a broken web console. 

Windowed option

Show a windowed webpage in a custom Iframe to display your own content. Please ensure you select the correct size of your Iframe - either 360px or 960px. Once you have provided a link to your external content via an Iframe, you will be presented with a preview. If you were using an Iframe in the previous version of the web player, add the link at this step (after ensuring it is the correct size).

Image option

If you select the image option, you can upload a JPEG, PNG or BMP image that is 360x517 pixels. This can be any image you like, such as your station logo including your station's contact information. Your image will be displayed in the content space, like the example below: 

You have the option to specify an additional fallback stream. The Radioplayer web player automatically plays the streams specified in the station profile. It handles fallback between stream, enabling the best streams to be served to each browser. The fallback stream ensures that in the rare circumstance that your station's streams cannot be played, the web player will fall back to the stream you have specified.  

Once you have selected your preferred option and provided a fallback stream, select 'generate console' to see a preview of your console. If you are happy with how it looks and, if you have selected the widget option, you are sure you are supplying the corresponding data, click generate console again to generate the zip folder. 

If you are using a hosted console, you will not receive a zip folder. You will simply need to select 'publish'.