The V4 Web Player Widgets

The V4 web player can display up to 3 dynamic panels of content (known as widgets) to display your station and programme information. You can select any combination of these widgets.

The three widget types are: 

  • 'Now playing' widget
  • 'Schedule' widget
  • 'On demand' widget

Now Playing Widget

This widget displays the current now playing information being sent to us by your station. Depending on the data provided, this can be simple station information, programme information or now playing track information. 

If track information is provided, then it can show an expanded view with recent tracks. 

If song actions are enabled in your station profile, then the tracks can include affiliate links to download or stream the track.

This widget is supplied by SI (Service Information) and PE/NP (Programme Event/ Now Playing) data.

Schedule Widget

If schedule information is available, this widget can display current, recent and upcoming shows. 

This widget is supplied by PI (Programme Information) data. 

On Demand Widget

The On Demand widget displays your station's latest on demand content, with links to play each episode. When on demand content is playing, the Now Playing widget can also display show notes and images.

This widget is supplied by OD (On Demand) data.

Example web player using all three widgets