Radioplayer provides technical support to all of our stations during normal UK office hours (excluding public holidays). We welcome your questions and want to ensure you get the best out of being on Radioplayer. You can open support tickets a number of ways including via this website, on twitter or by email (most popular). We don't provide telephone support at this time.

Most stations have plenty of questions for us during their first month on the platform and we're ready and waiting to help. Going forward, we find radio stations can largely 'set and forget' and the vast majority of radio stations are able to find self-guided solutions from our knowledgebase.

Radioplayer is a small non-profit organisation and we ask for broadcaster's support in acknowledging that hands on technical support is a finite commodity. To ensure that we are able to help as many stations as we can, we invite broadcasters to observe an annual ticket limit of 12 incidents per year (no limit during your first month on the platform). If you find you require ongoing assistance, there are options available to you including purchasing paid per-incident Premium Support or partnering with one of our trusted colleagues such as Aiir and All In Media.

We're grateful to stations for respecting these service limits - it ensures everyone gets fair access to the resources available.