New web player widely adopted

Radioplayer's current v4 web player has now been adopted by thousands of stations both in the UK and across the world. These stations are enjoying improved user experience and the trusted stability of Radioplayer plus live updates automatically delivered without having to lift a finger.

We boosted the discovery of podcasts and listen-again content making it easier for listeners to catch up with their favourite shows. We added notifications when new episodes were available and easier sharing of shows and stations. All of these improvements were designed to drive longer listening sessions across our member stations.

We also did a lot of work to make Radioplayer simpler to use - we frequently receive feedback from listeners who tell us how much they love the simplicity of Radioplayer. We didn’t want to lose that as we added more features. It’s still easy to cast to a device, favourite a station, flip to Easy Mode and more.

We’ve added Now Playing visuals for stations who send us Now Playing track information. And we’re continuing to take user privacy seriously by supporting four of the major Consent Management Platforms enabling you to continue to monetise your streams whilst keeping things legal

50% of radio listening is in the car. Luckily, we are too

Radioplayer is in a new "smart radio" partnership with BMW Group, adding to our existing partnership with VW Group. And BMW Group is now using official broadcaster metadata from Radioplayer's API to help create a brilliant radio interface with broadcast radio at its heart. This guarantees a rich digital experience in BMW Group cars - while also being easy to use - with radio station search via an A-Z list, and high-resolution station logos on the screen.

We’ve also extended our long established relationship with Audi to bring your stations to the dashboards of Audi cars. And we’re working with the whole of the VW Group to integrate Radioplayer and your stations into a wide range of vehicles. 

Making radio more accessible to other platforms

We’re doing a lot of work to bring your stations and metadata to other platforms. We’re working with the main voice platform providers to discover ways of improving the radio experience on their devices. In the last year, we spent a lot of time making it easier for their developers to work with Radioplayer through better tools and documentation. We’ll keep improving our Alexa skill, our Hi-Fi integrations and more - allowing you to focus on making great radio.

Putting stations first

The needs of our broadcast members are always front-and-centre in all that we do at Radioplayer. Later this year, we’ll be starting a process to introduce new tools to manage your station records, making it easier to maintain existing stations, add new stations and manage your on-demand catalogue and podcasts too - all from one place. It’s part of a big project to upgrade our platforms and processes. This will keep Radioplayer fast and stable during this period of incredible growth.


Radioplayer is a not-for-profit organisation with no shareholders and dividends to pay. Therefore Radioplayer subscriptions go back into supporting the products and services we offer. Our small, but perfectly-formed team, work ceaselessly to deliver these services and we’ve got lots of exciting developments to share in the future.

We have moved all stations to a membership year which starts on 1st April for everyone. Please make sure we have your correct billing details. We are grateful to all of our member stations for their timely remittance - it means that we can continue to do good things for you and your listeners.