Once you have completed everything, check it all over and use the Edit button to make further amendments if required. When you are happy, click the Submit button in the lower left.

Then click Submit for Review in the top right corner to submit your entries to Radioplayer for checking.

If your submission is accepted you will get a notification email from Radioplayer to say so. If there is

something that you need to change, then you will get an email telling you so that you can fix any problems before your station is published on Radioplayer.

After you have submitted your initial metadata, you can make changes as often as you like but you will still need to Submit for Review each time before the changes are sent for checking.

You will then be presented with a Station Overview giving a summary of your station’s set up in Radioplayer.

Below shows the station overview and a summary of the station's streams:

The next part of the screen shows an overview of the station's images:

And the final part of the overview screen shows the station location data and other settings:

Don’t forget to click Submit at the bottom. If you have further changes to make, you can click on Edit to make those amendments. If you need to start again, just click on Discard to remove all your updates.Once submitted, you will then receive an email from Radioplayer advising that we will be checking your station submission.

Once approved, you will then receive an email from Radioplayer advising that we have approved your station submission.

Step 3: Generate a web console