Step 4: Submitting your web console for checks

Once your web console is built and uploaded to your station's website, and your station profile is complete, you're well on the way to going live on Radioplayer.

You will receive an email from Radioplayer like this:

Radioplayer will never put a station live without you telling us to do so first, so when you feel you're ready and the previous steps are complete, you need to email us to let us know that we can put your station live. You can open a ticket using the link on the right, or you can email Radioplayer directly (

Before we put you live, we'll need to do a few checks to make sure everything is in order. We'll be checking your station profile to see that you've included

  • Your station name and descriptions so people can find you

  • Your logos which we use in our various interfaces

  • The correct URL of your Radioplayer web player

  • The correct URLs of your mobile streams. We'll also check they work and are the bitrate they're meant to be

  • Social media identifiers like a Twitter handle or Facebook page address

  • Your geographical footprint so users nearby can find you

We also do technical checks to make sure the console is working correctly across a variety of browsers.

If we spot anything, we'll get in touch and give you the time, support, or advice you need to put it right. Otherwise we will put you live on the platform and your station will be visible to the public within an hour.

When your changes have been approved, you will receive an email from Radioplayer like this informing you of your progress.

At this point, your new web console has been successfully generated and your audience will be able to listen to your station via the Radioplayer console from your station's website.

Step 5: Linking to Radioplayer