Insights is your analytics platform bringing you reach and hours listening figures from Radioplayer products.

Select Insights from the Tools menu to get access to your listening data from across Radioplayer. You will only be able to see data for your own stations.

A “listener” is counted as an individual who has opened a station stream and started to listen. Each listener has a unique identifier - so if a listener starts listening to a station in the morning, takes a break and then starts another session in the afternoon that will still count as one listener. “Reach” is then the number of unique listeners for each station.

Hours” is defined as “how long your listeners have listened to the station”. Radioplayer needs to receive a “start” event and a “heartbeat” (which is sent every 5 minutes) for an individual listener's minutes to “count” towards a station’s reach. In an ideal world, Radioplayer would receive a start event, a number of heartbeats, and a stop event. In this case we would count the “reach” as the duration between the start and stop events. Unfortunately, Radioplayer doesn’t always receive all heartbeats, and sometimes we receive them later than we would expect.  

When calculating reach, we remove any time during which we have not received heartbeats from the overall calculation. If we do not receive a stop event then we take the time of the last heartbeat, add 5 minutes to it, and use that as the end time of that listening session.

If a listener has a single session that spans midnight, then the time listened before and after midnight is allocated to the appropriate day. That listener will also be counted for both days. 

The Reporting tab will permit you to generate a report over a custom period of time.