In October 2023, Radioplayer introduced a new layer of security around our RadioDNS RadioEPG service. Radioplayer now requires all RadioDNS clients to be authenticated using the ClientID standard. This will mean that when we publish your metadata, it will no longer be accessible without valid credentials.

Q: Why is Radioplayer making this change?

Over recent years, Radioplayer has become more and more aware of third parties taking radio metadata and streams, and finding ways to use - and sometimes monetise - these resources often without the knowledge of the radio stations involved. One of the ways this can be done, without any checks or balances, is via the RadioDNS standard which allows radio metadata to be available in-the-clear without needing a login. 

Radioplayer has been publishing basic open RadioEPG metadata for an extended period of time. However since we take our responsibility to protect your station's metadata seriously, we believe that we now need to introduce some controls as to who can access what.

Q: What is 'ClientID' and what will change?

ClientID is the formal mechanism by which RadioEPG metadata can be protected. It requires an end client to have a security identifier which will be issued by Radioplayer to permit access to your station's metadata.

Q: What are the benefits of this move?

Radioplayer will have full control of where your metadata is going. Entities with valid use cases will be able to approach Radioplayer for access and we will only grant permission to organisations which have signed a valid agreement with Radioplayer. This provides us (and, by continuation, you) with the assurance that whoever has access to your metadata will only use it for honest, fair, and reasonable purposes.

Q: Are there are downsides?

Some very old DAB radios, which relied on our public RadioDNS feed to display station artwork, will stop showing those visual assets. They won't stop working - they'll still be able to tune to radio stations - but they will be reliant on metadata sent over-the-air.

Q: Is Radioplayer making any money from this change?

No. Radioplayer remains a non-profit organisation. When we sign agreements with entities, it is on the basis of providing assurances that they will do the right thing by the radio industry.

Q: Is Radioplayer withdrawing from RadioDNS?

Absolutely not. We are active Board Members and Technology Steering Group members of RadioDNS, and continue to support the organisation and the standards it works hard to publish. This will continue.

Q: What if I wish to opt out of Radioplayer's RadioEPG publication service?

Stations are at liberty to use their own resources or another third party to publish a RadioEPG service. You will need to contact RadioDNS if you plan to make the change - we can't do this for you. You should also tell us, via a Helpdesk ticket so that we make the necessary technical changes.

Q: Does this change the offering Radioplayer is providing? Can I cancel?

Radioplayer is continuing to provide a RadioDNS service - all that is changing is that it will be authenticated. Our RadioDNS offering is not a core service and has always been a value-added extra. Stations are welcome to join or leave Radioplayer at any time but this change is not valid grounds for cancellation. 

Q: Who can I speak to if I have more questions?

Just open a Helpdesk ticket and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.