This guide provides you with everything you need to join Radioplayer.

There is a simple five-step process to get you from sign-up to live on the Radioplayer platform and we've done all that we can to make this easy for you.

Step 1: Complete your station profile

Step 2: Submit your station profile for checking

Step 3: Generate a web console

Step 4: Submit your console for checks

Step 5: Linking to the web console

Before you begin

Although our joining process is easy, if you've chosen to host the Radioplayer web player yourself, some of these steps will require a web developer. If you don't have one handy, you can ask to switch to our Hosted Player Service which attracts an additional nominal charge - contact us for details. Or you can use a third-party web development agency.

You will also need:

  • The login details we send you by email

  • Your station logo, on a solid colour background (not transparent) in high resolution

  • The URLs of your streams

Please remember

You have three months from joining Radioplayer to get set up and the Radioplayer team is here to help you through this. If it all looks a little daunting, it is possible to go from start to published in a couple of hours or so.

Please note that a working web player is a mandatory requirement to maintain your presence on Radioplayer. We want to help you to achieve this so if you have any problems, contact us and we’ll get back to help you - we won't abandon you!

If you do run into any issues then just contact us via the Helpdesk and we can help to help resolve the problem.

Step 1: Completing your station profile